• Customer Stories: Kaylee

    Customer Stories: Kaylee
      Tell Us About Yourself "I’ve always had acne prone skin + growing up, I swear I tried EVERYTHING. When I came across Lila Naturals, I was intrigued that it didn’t look like your typical skincare products. I was sold when I learned that with the grains, YOU mix up your own scrub when you’re ready to use it. No bacteria buildup, no wasting any product, I had to try it... Best move in my skincare routine. I can’t stress enough how much I love the ‘Super Food grains’. My skin is now as clear as...
  • Customer Stories: Tami

    Customer Stories: Tami
    Why do I love Lila Naturals?  Natural ingredients is my number one! They have to be safe enough for my kids (just in case)!. The look of the bottles and the products inside is a major plus! I feel fancy when I use them and that is huge for a stay at home mom. :) I love the hummingbird, it reminds me of my grandmother, as she loved birds as well. I have a bird tattoo in her memory.
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