We have partnered up with God's Care Foundation School in Uganda to help support their mission of improving vulnerable children's lives. 

By purchasing products listed in the "GIVE BACK" collection, 100% of that item cost is given to God's Care Foundation.


Edward Lukwaya is the CEO and founder of God's care Foundation School in Uganda. 
He has worked with his team on helping orphans and vulnerable children for a period of four years while providing education,medication and basic needs for the children.
They have a vision to the needy and we have succeeded in building lower classes for children aged three to eight for the past two years, suddenly the number of orphans and vulnerable children aged eight and above has increased in the school hence a limitation to our services due to luck of enough classrooms.



God's Care Children Foundation started in 2014 in Nakuwadde Village, Nakabugo Parish in Wakiso Sub County in Wakiso District and is open to every child in need. When we opened we found ourselves responsible for ten (10) children. As the years followed we are actively supporting over 160 Ugandan orphans and vulnerable children but our vision number is to support 1000 lives. 
We don’t institutionalize Children under our care(shelters are not yet done) , but we instead provide educational, medical, food, and counseling through their guardians or parents. We are not an orphanage center but we are a supporting organization that works to protect children’s rights.
It’s a community based organization formed to help the vulnerable, needy children and up lift their condition of living also engage in programs geared towards improving the quality of life of children through education. We provide scholastic materials, income generation, and food supply and health 
education to aid orphans at their homes or guardian parents. 
Our Organization is creating relationships with those who are touched by the opportunities we can offer the African children. We have structured a variety of ways to help the youth we work with, from simple cash donations to sponsorships of individual children.



God’s Care Children Foundation Uganda Mission Statement is “To reflect God’s heart by caring for and improving the lives of vulnerable children in Uganda” 



To ensure every child can easily access education, medication, shelter, food and clothes!!
To empower families through opening up projects that will help to sustain widows and orphans to fight poverty.


The Aims and Objectives of the Foundation are; 

1. Helping the vulnerable, needy children so as help they uplift their conditions of life. 
2. To engage in programs geared towards improving the physical quality of life. Program participants improve their lives by boosting their general health education, literacy and income with special emphasis on street children and orphans. 
3. Empowering the church and Local community at large. Share the hope that comes through Christ there by proclaiming the gospel of Christ Jesus.


By purchasing products listed in the "GIVE BACK" collection, 100% of that item cost is given to God's Care Foundation.

We are so excited to team up with Edward, and help support their vision.


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